Improve Your Room Design By Using Twin Headboards

Rooms with twin size beds, but with no twin headboards would certainly look unfinished. You can’t expect obtaining the complete potential of the room when it comes to functionality and beauty if your bed doesn’t have a nice headboard. In fact, some people tend to buy every twin bed together with the headboard, simply because they realize that the bed on it’s own wouldn’t be sufficient. Beds with no headboards would not offer the correct amount of comfort, relaxation to you when you’re in the room.

twin headboard 1

Any girl whether she is in high school or college, desires that her room should really show her individuality and style. Designing a girl’s bedroom is simple, but how exactly could you make a common bed look amazing? To make a monotonous bed look gorgeous, headboards can be very helpful. Many beds have a design, in which the headboards are a part of the bed. It is simple to transform and decorate these to match your design. However, if you do not have a bed with a headboard attached to it, then you can certainly be very innovative in your selection of headboard. You can pick various materials and accessories to create a fascinating twin headboard.

Upholstered Twin Bed Headboards for Girls

Probably the best twin headboard for girls is a upholstered headboard.

twin headboard 2

Padded headboards for beds offer you a lot of options when it comes to designs and styles because you can choose any kind of fabric pattern you want. If your girl loves a certain cartoon character or concept, then you can certainly find the twin headboard upholstered in that specific fabric pattern. You can also get felt and cut them into various shapes such as dolls and make it into a patchwork which can be then stitched onto the headboard. Fabric headboards for girls are available in a variety of materials including cotton, linen, taffeta to velvet. For older girls, selecting a luxurious heavy satin or velvet fabric for headboard in a jewel tone also works quite nicely.

twin headboard

There are many types of twin bed headboards and usually, you need to figure out your goal once you choose to purchase them. In case you have a teenage girl who loves to read books, and also you often find yourself being concerned about spread books in many places, then a bookcase twin bed headboard is going to be perfect for her. The headboard features shelves where she can easily arrange and organize her books. You would no longer continue to worry about her scattered books. And even, she would be able to hold things within the bedroom definitely neat.

twin headboard 3

Complement Your Design Using Twin Bed Headboards

For all those individuals who wish to enhance the feel of glamour inside the bedroom, they can choose twin bed headboards, that have storage compartments where they can arrange some decorations. You can add flower vases, picture frames and also some perfumed candles. If you have any jar of potpourri, these types of twin bed headboards will be the great place for it too. It will definitely offer you a nice and better feeling in the bedroom. Once you have the headboard set up properly, and you are able to include all the nice decoration items, your room will definitely look and feel brighter.

twin headboard 5This Upholstered Corner Daybed in Green Velvet belongs to My Room Collection by Standard Furniture Comfy and it is very cozy and functional. Our versatile Corner Daybeds are just what every little girl needs in her bedroom for play, media use, or to create an inviting study nook.

Beds are fully upholstered in 100 polyester velvet that resists crushing and offers easy care. The Corner back rest is well cushioned for comfort, and has tufting for stability. Available in Twin, Full and Queen sizes, the mattress platform has the advanced Euro slat system for even weight distribution and proper support for youth safety. The back corner section is uniquely designed to allow for reversing the connection for versatility in creating various bedroom configurations.

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All You Need to Know About Twin Headboards

Since the bed is definitely the central point of every bedroom suite, when purchasing a twin headboard, you should choose one designed to fit in with your overall style, but still provide your bedroom a fresh, up-to-date look. Buying the headboard by itself will definitely offer the bed a more open feel. There are a lot of designs and types to select from and this post is going to describe what to consider when buying a twin size headboard.

twin headboard 8

When purchasing a twin headboard, be sure that it’s going to match with your current bed frame or the dimensions of bed mattress you are going to buy. A twin bed requires a twin headboard and so on. Having said that, various producers will offer you headboards that you can use for both full and queen sized beds or even for both queen and king sized beds. In case you buy one that could fit different mattress dimensions, take into account that there will be a small space between them.

twin headboard 10

Also take into consideration how much floor and storage room is accessible. In case your bedroom has a smaller footprint, take into account purchasing a twin bookcase headboard or one that features hidden storage space. At the same time, they don’t have to support only books. The shelves can hold different things, reducing the necessity for multiple nightstands and therefore making the space appear much larger.

Many of us have a tendency to assume that most bedroom furnishings are usually neutral, but deciding on the wrong color of headboard can clash with the current color scheme. In order to avoid having to repaint the room or to purchase completely new draperies, ensure that your new headboard will certainly match the currently shades in the room.

twin headboard 7

The twin headboard will established the overall tone of your bedroom. For a tranquil, relaxed look, pick a design that includes clean lines, open panels or delicate curves in a light or medium wood finish. To generate an ultra-modern look, choose a twin headboard made of metal that makes usage of asymmetrical or geometric form. Modern and contemporary designs are characterized by the use of light finishes, light to medium woods like ash, pine and oak, metals and space age materials.

twin headboard 9

A traditional style headboard is normally made from wood or even a mixture of wood and metal. For a remarkable eye-catching impact, the higher the headboard, the more it is going to dominate the room, especially if it features posts or perhaps is a unique design such as the curvaceous sleigh bed. Classic twin headboards include a wide variety of time periods and usually are characterized by carvings, leaf or scroll motifs, and stylized architectural details such as ornate moldings.

When selecting a design, think about the existing elements of your bedroom suite and also your individual likes and what makes you feel comfortable. Regardless of whether you choose classic, country, modern, contemporary or transitional, size and dimensions of the twin headboard shouldn’t just fit the size of the bedroom but should also complement the design of headboard.

twin headboard

Beautifully understated, the Carolina Daybeds are a lovely addition to any home. The simple styling and choice of finishes offers versatility, complimenting any décor.

  • Country Pine Finish
  • Solid Wood Construction made from Pine. Available in Country Pine or White finish.
  • Recommended Care: Dust frequently using a clean, specially treated dusting cloth that will attract and hold dust particles. Do not use was or abrasive cleaners as they may damage finish

The above mentioned can be a basic guideline on how you can choose the perfect twin headboard for your bedroom suite. Bearing this in mind, you will have all of the required resources for you to make a well informed final decision the next time you are searching for a twin size headboard.

If you want to read more about twin headboards, please click here!

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Twin Headboards: What Choices Do You Have?

It’s a necessity of life and every kid needs a twin headboard. Whether it’s your home sweet home, or just an overnight visit, a bed with a twin size headboard is a must. There is as much variety in kids beds and kids bedding, as there are different kinds of kids. When heading out to make that all important purchase of kid bed for your child, there a number of things you’ll want to consider such as your child’s age, the size of your child’s room, your child’s style or taste and your price range.

Twin Beds for Kids

twin headboard 11

The most common size of bed for a child is a kids twin bed. It’s usually the pick of parents because it is small enough to fit in a child’s bedroom and large enough to give the child room to grow. Kids twin beds are available in a variety of materials, some geared towards girls or boys, and many are neutral gender styles and colors. Of all the beds for kids that are out there, if you’re looking for cheap kids beds, you’ll find more variety in beds with twin headboards. If space is commodities then kids cabin beds are the way to go. Cabin beds are usually twin size with dresser drawers built in beneath them. You get two pieces of kids bed furniture for the price of one.

Twin Bunk Beds

twin headboard 12

For those of us who have more than one child and not a lot of room, the ever-trusty bunk bed is always a good choice. Kids bunk beds come in a variety of styles for a variety of uses. You can get both beds in twin size for the most efficient use of space or the bottom bed can be a full bed that either lays flat or folds up into a futon couch. Whatever style you pick, bunk beds are an efficient use of space for multiple children. Kids bunk bed also comes in a variety of materials from all wood to all metal. Both wood and metal offer stability and comfort, what you pick depends on your style or price range.

Twin Loft Beds

twin headboard 13

For one child or an older child, a twin loft bed can be a good choice. Kids loft beds are available in either twin or full size. Some loft beds also come with furniture built in beneath. Depending on the style, a desk, dresser, or bookshelves are built underneath. Usually the loft beds are high from the floor with access to the bed through a ladder. Even though most loft beds have guardrails they are not recommended for children under the age of six. Some loft beds even come with slides and other fun features like curtains for the open space beneath the bed.

Kids Car Beds

twin headboard 14

If single twin beds, bunk beds, and loft beds aren’t the right choice for your discerning child, there are always specialty beds. Kids car beds can last a child from toddler to teenager. They are available in toddler bed size to twin bed size and are available in a multitude of colors and styles. Some varieties offer a car trunk or hood that opens up for a storage bin or toy chest.

Kids Canopy Beds

twin headboard 15

If you’re looking for something a little more girly then a kids canopy bed could do the trick. Kids Canopy beds, whether with a fixed upper canopy or flowing veils, are sure to evoke sweet dreams for the princess in your life.

Kids Ready Beds

twin headboard 16

If you have children over to your house on occasion or for holiday then kids ready beds may be in order. Ready beds inflate to provide a comfortable sleep and include the bedding. The ready beds come with your kids favorite cartoon characters or just in kid friendly colors. They set up quickly and deflate, roll up and store easily too. Ready beds offer a good alternative for those who are looking for a comfortable bedding solution without spending a lot of money or taking up a lot of space.

The options in kid twin beds seem nearly endless. In the end it all comes down to comfort, if you can comfortably afford it and your child is sleeping comfortably then you have made the right choices.

twin headboard

Featuring simple yet refined styling, the sleek lines of the Cakao collection will imbue your room with a vibrant, contemporary aura, while providing you with all the storage space your heart desires.

The absence of a kickplate affords the cabinets a distinctively light and airy allure, with their drawers seemingly floating above the attractive L-shaped metal legs. Angled metal handles accentuate the collection’s modern design, while making opening and closing the drawers a breeze.

Perfectly suited for both master bedroom and kids bedroom, this stylish and versatile ensemble offers three different models of beds and even includes a matching multi-function storage unit for the den or living room.

The twin bookcase headboard (39”) featuring three open storage compartments will enhance any bedroom. It is used with the twin mates bed (39”) (3259080) to form a more complete ensemble. Also available in pure white (3260098) and pure black (3270098).

You can find more information on twin headboards here.

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How to Choose Twin Headboards for Your Bedroom

The bedroom furniture headboard was originally built in old times for practical reasons. It was built so that the mattress will not be right on the wall, preventing the coldness of the wall onto the bed. This was very important especially in much colder places and seasons. Over time, the uses of  headboards and especially twin headboards grew as well as the number of households that have them.

twin headboard 17

Recently, twin headboards have become an aesthetic object for bedrooms. The design possibilities are endless and anything can be made so that it will fit the chosen theme of a room. Since the bed itself is the main object in a bedroom, it can serve as the main attraction of the whole room. For example a baroque themed bedroom can have a Scandinavian patterned headboard that will rest nicely on a bright red wall or if one is into a flashy feminine type of bedroom, a hot pink twin headboard made of silk would be really appealing.

twin headboard 18

Comfort is also one of the major factors in regards to choosing twin headboards. If you love spending time reading on your bed, a soft, almost pillow like twin size headboard is the one for you. It will be like a second mattress on your back only thinner. This also makes you safe from bumping your head on the headboard if you are one of those people who move a lot when sleeping. However, if like solid pieces of furniture or usually the masculine pieces, sturdy and solidly designed twin headboards are for you.

twin headboard 19

The bedroom is your place of comfort so you have to make sure to feel homey in it. Having a bedroom that expresses yourself would truly help you to get that certain homeliness. For example, if you follow the Zen kind of life; twin headboards that are made of wood and cut out pieces for patterns are your best picks. Maybe if you are into the modern type of theme, a glass twin headboard will be perfect. They are very easy to experiment on because they can be available in different designs and colors, be as artistic as one can get and also lighting can give glass headboards better effects.

twin headboard 21

The size of the headboard may vary; they do not necessarily have to be the same size as your bed. Contemporary headboard designs that come out lately are much larger than the beds. Although they are available in various designs and sizes, it is better if you have yours custom made. Now twin headboards are available for just about any taste.

twin headboard 22Create a bedroom décor that is worthy of the princess in your life with the elegant beauty of the “Julia” youth bedroom collection. With the silver pearl finish of the 3D press technology creating smooth edges and a unique design along with the flowing button tufted upholstered headboard adorned with faux crystal buttons, this bedroom collection captures the pure magic of youth.

  • Silver pearl finish faux gator 3D press material for soft durable edges
  • Tufted curvaceous upholstered bed with faux crystal buttons
  • Shapely base rails 3D pressed for soft durable edges includes ogee bracket feet
  • Some Assembly needed
  • Assembled: 82.25in. W x 43.75in. D x 50.50in. H; Headboard: 43” W x 3” D x 50.38” H; Footboard: 43.38” W x 2.75” D x 20” H; Floor to bottom of rail 7in.

If you want more information about twin headboards, just click here.


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